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Qigong for Treating Common Ailments—The Essential Guide to Self Healing

by Xu Xiangcai

Discover the ancient secrets to self-healing! While providing a system for maintaining overall health, and addressing specific problems, this book offers all natural, safe, easy-to-learn, and time-tested exercises and treatments.


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ISBN #9781886969704
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Discover What China has Known for 1000 Years, Self Healing Works!

Wouldn't it be nice to stop common ailments before they happen? We can prevent many of them once we have the proper knowledge. This book, Qigong for Treating Common Ailments, provides a system for maintaining overall health while addressing specific problems with exact treatments. All natural, safe, and easy to learn, these exercises provide a life-long path to wellness! This re-edited edition, originally published by a university press in China, is essential for the home health library!

  • Protect & Strengthen the Internal Organs with Qigong Exercises.
  • Improve Circulation and Overall Health using Qigong Massage Methods.
  • Discover a Wide Variety of Breathing and Relaxation Techniques.
  • Easy to Learn and Easy to Practice!


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